Patricia Field @ Berlin Alternative Fashion Week

Meet the faces of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Part 8! Fashion icon and Styling Queen Patricia Field presented her ARTFASHION Collection during BAFW. Featuring art work by Scooter Laforge, Iris Bonner, Tom Knight just to name a few. We love it! Photographer Sebastian Pollin spend the day backstage at BAFW to shoot all the collections and models for us.


As the fashion landscape has become increasingly homogenized in recent years, a resurgence in creative self expression has simultaneously taken hold. Having grown weary and uninspired by the era of ‘fast-fashion’ and mass production, style connoisseurs are bucking the trend by seeking out one-of-a-kind, artistically-driven designs.

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As a native New Yorker, boutique owner and style innovator, Patricia Field has worked closely for years with a whose-who of creative visionaries. From iconic artists of decades past like Keith Haring and Basquiat (who sold painted t-shirts in her famous 8th Street shop) to burgeoning talents of today like Scooter LaForge, art has always played an integral role in her world. So, who better to lead a new generation of artists through the emerging ‘wear-able art’ movement than Patricia Field?

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The ‘ARTFASHION’ Gallery is comprised entirely of original made-to-order pieces by a select group of artists, curated by Field and sold exclusively at

All photos by Sebastian Pollin