PAWEL TKACZYK presents Raphaël

Poland based artist Pawel Tkaczyk get intimate with model Raphaël. Always o n the go with his camera, Tkaczyk captures seemingly normal situations, people you can meet anywhere, unearths everything what is easy to omit.

“Voyeurism is a form of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors for the sexual interest. Your apartment is a place where you can feel free and safe. Surrendered by your favorite books and personal belongings and your nudity is something natural and de-sexualized there. But a situation shifts when you’re observed by a peeper. The space you’re sleep, washing yourself, getting dressed, preparing your morning coffee unveils a lot even if you’re not naked. In own natural habitat body acts naturally reveal hidden beauty of imperfection. Looking in the mirror or in the eye of a camera the body is exploring itself, teetering on the edge of shame and narcissism.”


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