Penuel by Steven Jaehnert

A photography series by Steven Jaehnert. Models are Alston Brown and Leicester Landon. What started as a metaphysical conversation about masculinity, innocence, the divine, and late-impotent-and-confused coming-of-age narratives in a patriarchy choking upon it’s own inefficacy — was physicalized in the summer of 2013. In time off between rehearsing and performing in three separate plays in Rhode Island, these three actors skirted a fence, scaled a dumpster, and swam in the Providence river in search of meaning. The Judeo/Christian narratives surrounding Penuel (n. face of God), are a specific influence on the shoot. The photo-story adopts this name to further provoke consideration and examination.

Photography by Steven Jaehnert / / Instagram: @electrikcrow

Models are Alston Brown /

  & Leicester Landon / Instagram: @leicesterlandon

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