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Peuterey Fall / Winter 2017 Campaign

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Peuterey and it´s Fall / Winter 2017 Campaign. Founded in 2002, the Peuterey brand is the flagship of Peuterey Group, an interpretation of a new “luxury casualwear” where design, innovation and quality combine to create a sought after and relaxed image, in line with the concept of contemporary elegance. The name of the brand is inspired by one of Mont Blanc’s most fascinating ridges. The three red points are a graphic reproduction, as well as a metaphor of the place where earth and sky are united, in which height and verticality blend with matter.

Fashion, today, has turned to fiction. It’s all about make-believe, show-off and the pointless urge to express wealth and status through soulless items of clothing. Nothing is what it seems anyway.

Fashion, today, heralds the sensational and the outlandish, which rather farcically borders on the vain and the useless. Life is a stage, that’s for sure, but every play must come to an end, at one point.

Fashion, today, goes way too fast, in an endless cycle of destruction that denies progress and consistency. Nothing lasts, of course, but there’s a reassuring quality to timelessness.

Fashion, today, has stopped talking to people, escaping into the realm of selfish image-making. What’s fashion when it is not worn? Glossy ephemera that’s soon forgotten.

Peuterey calls for a change. With a whisper that’s louder than a shout, no slash ‘n burn needed. The movement stems from the basic acknowledgement that fashion design should be a matter of form following function.