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pinqponq Spring/Summer 2020 – Mobility

#Lookbook – pinqponq perfectly embodies its German heritage wit the new S/S20 collection. Movement is made up of time and space. It is a displacement – the act of moving betweenlocations. From A to B, from city to city or country tocountry –this is the simplest understanding of mobility as it appears onmaps of movements.

But this fine line, which connects the starting pointwith our destination is drenched with meaning and ideas. Mobility is notonly the ability to physically move through the world, but it isprogress,freedom and opportunity. /

“We are constantly heading from one point to the next. Driving onmotorways, waiting at train stations or racing through airports –transitplaces full of people from elsewhere, going elsewhere. And so, it seemsthat life has become more about routes than roots. The notionof mobility, as a fluid state of being, is often contradicted by theconcept of place, as a static point in space. Place is often portrayed as stuck in the past, overly confining, and possibly reactionary, where mobility is associated with flexibility and growth. Thus we concerningly have become afraid of standstill.We think that this mindset has many faults. We believe mobility can only make sense when you intend to arrive at some point, both physical and mentally, and accept, enjoy and celebrate the destination point as its purpose -dwell for at least a moment in this time in space, before you are on the go again.”