pinqponq Spring/Summer 2021

In the upcoming season, pinqponq is focusing on creating space for lightness and optimism.
The brand finds inspiration in the artwork of one of the most important German artists of the early romantic era: Caspar David Friedrich. As a passionate twilight walker, he immersed in the special vibe that surrounds one at dawn and dusk – creating a breathtaking atmosphere.

Accessories & Apparel from pinqponq

When it comes to sustainability, pinqponq doesn’t hold back.
The Cologne-based brand stands for maximum responsibility, outstanding quality, well-thought-out functionality, and unique design.

His structured pictorial order, as well as the colour palette, serve as the basis for the spring/summer 2021 bag collection by pinqponq. The chosen colours range from polished gold to a soft violet, referencing the first and last rays of sunlight from the painting “Stages of Life” by the renowned artist.
The bags are made of 100% recycled PET bottles, are vegan and PFC-free.

move with ease

Following the launch of their first Apparel line last year, pinqponq’s collection for spring 2021 focuses on opposites that complement each other perfectly, creating a calm and balanced interplay: Functionality meets design, design meets sustainability. Classical craftsmanship is complemented by sporty outdoor elements, creating groundbreaking products that convince with their pleasant wearing comfort.

The entire spring/summer 2021 collection of pinqponq will be available from 01.02.2021 online and in selected stores.