pinqponq x Schepers Bosman A/W19

Our favorite accessories label pinqponq, is proud to announce their A/W19 partnership with Dutch design duo Schepers Bosman. The two labels forging a partnership and pushing forward the boundaries of sustainable avant garde design.

Re-modelling two of pinqponq’s hero designs the Tetrik and Blok, both labels wanted to create accessories that draw attention to the acute detail that goes into the manufacturing process of each unique style. Whilst industrial manufacturing and handmade design may at first sight be a contradiction, the brands wanted to highlight how the two can come together, giving the audience insight into the craftsmanship, hand-made finishing and sustainable fabrication.

Based in Nieuw-West, an industrial suburb of Amsterdam, Schepers Bosman is known for
approaching garment making with a transparent point of view. A big part of the label’s creative process involves producing garments with seams and patchwork on display, elements that are normally hidden in more traditional garment making. Seams become decorative and at the fore of design detailing. Piecing together mis-matched fabrics is also another signature of Schepers Bosman, using old fabrics to create new. A sustainable approach makes the duo a perfect fit for pinqponq.

Using leftover fabrics constructed by pinqponq and that are made from 100% recycled PET bottles, Schepers Bosman constructed two unique designs highlighting their patchwork/seam design signature. Taking inspiration from the industrial architecture of Amsterdam a graphic palette of Black, Navy, and Grey is highlighted with fluorescent yellow strips to add an urban code.

Available in limited quantities, the collection will be available at selected retailers and on from September 6th 2019