Piotr Popiołek – THE SOFTEST HARD

#Lookbook! May I introduce you to Piotr Popiołek ?! A fashion designer, stylist and costume designer based in Cracow, Poland.  THE SOFTEST HARD is the interpretation of the classic menswear. The discord for restrictions inspired the designer to break the rules and find unconventional look. Ripped jacket, too long shirt, wrinkled coat or cut turtleneck. The collection includes nine male silhouettes with authors accesories and underwear. The colors were limited to black, grey and white because of the characteristic classic menswear’s palette. The materials used in the collection include: cotton, wool, nylon, tyvek, washpapa (washable paper), pleated satin, elastic tulle, lacquer and lycra. The characteristic operation for designer is handmade woven fabric. Photography by Grzegorz Mikrut. Models are Bartek Stokowiec @AS Management and Dan Ozeri.

Piotr Popiołek 

The winner of “Cracow Fashion Award 2017”, “Gombold újra 2017” and “Młoda Fala 2017”. Finalist of “European Fashion Accelerator” and “OFF Fashion”. Graduate of the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and also Fashion Design class under curation of Mark Fast at the 10th “Art & Fashion Forum” powered by Grażyna Kulczyk and curated by Nick Knight. Publications in magazines and websites such as: “ELEGANT magazine”, “Minc magazine”, “MODO magazine”, “Papercut magazine”, “Lounge”, “TUBA” and “MM Trendy”. His brand took part in the fashion events like: “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe”, “Cracow Fashion Week”, “Košice Fashion Week”, “Silesia Fashion Day”, “The Look Of The Year” and “Fashion Expo”. Designer join “Fashion Revolution Day” – project about fair trade. He designed costumes for performances in the Jewish Theater in Warsaw (Poland), the New Theater in Cracow (Poland), the Kana Theater in Szczecin (Poland) and in the Puppet and Actor Theatre in Kielce (Poland). In 2014 individual exhibition “Present Fashion” in Świnoujście (Poland).  His priority is to create recognizable worldwide brand. www.piotr-popiolek.com /

Photographer: Grzegorz Mikrut @grzegorzmikrut

Models: Bartek Stokowiec/ AS management @bartekstokowiec  @as_management_warsaw

Dan Ozeri @itsdanozeri

Stylist & Designer: Piotr Popiołek @pioptr

Hairdresser: Krzysztof Sierpiński @jaskiele

Assistant: Damian Jaworski