Piotr Popiołek – TOM Collection

#Campaign – “TOM” is a postcard from memory, an old photo album or reminiscence of my dad in uniform. Piotr Popiołek creates a mood-board from memories in the raw aesthetics of the seaside landscape. He introduces corrections to the form of the uniform to give a more personal and contemporary character. The collection is a tribute to the past. A sentimental story about growing up on the island surrounded by the sea. About the identity given by the place. About longing.

The collection includes twelve male silhouettes. The construction of garments was based on the Navy uniform. The colour palette was taken from the coastal landscape. The fabrics used in the collection include satin, cotton, latex, jacquard, tulle, nylon, polyester, lycra and wool. Deconstruction, crystal decorations, coated fabrics, manipulation of materials to look like the sea texture and authors woven technique are the hallmarks of the collection.

INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/piotr_popiolek
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/piotrpopiolek.fashion
WEBSITE: shop.piotr-popiolek.com

Designer & Stylist: Piotr Popiołek
Photographer: Ola Bodnaruś
Models: Eryk Szymański / Embassy Models, Kuba Partyka
Make-up & Hair Artist: Wiola Kowalczyk
Photographer’s Assistant: Wiktoria Muszkieta
Production Manager: Damian Jaworski