Podcast: Countdown to Golosa – 2FARO

Berlin, it’s Party time! On Saturday, 9th of February the G day crew invites to the premiere of GOLOSA: A queer party for people that love to have freaky experiences. In 2019 G day becomes GOLOSA. We built a safe place without judgment upon an on-going appetite for everything new. Till the 9th, we will publish a mix of each Dj that will be present there and a little interview. Today we continue with this mix from 2FARO.

KALTBLUT: You present in this mix your sound for Golosa, how can you describe it?
How would I describe it? Hard to tell.. I think, it’s an upbeat pushy sound, combined with some acid elements without losing the simplicity of melodic sequences. Like storytelling, I would say.


KALTBLUT: Are you Golosa?
I am a Golosone! In Italian, you have this expression when you enjoy your food or something sweet. When you make this sound “mhmmmmm” then you are Golosa or Golosone. I love to enjoy food and … you know what I mean. So YES!


KALTBLUT: What is your last freaky experiences?
I had some freaky experiences, also very funny ones, the only thing is that they are NSFW. One of the less scandalous is me going regularly to bed in my room at my parent’s house, then waking up in the middle of the living room on the floor in an embryo position and the TV was on! How do I get there? I have no idea!


WHAT? Golosa 
WHERE? Suicide circus, Revalerstr. 99 10245 Berlin, Germany
WHEN? 9 Feb at 23:55 – 10 Feb at 12:00

“We are warm, human, real and so are you. You are allowed to be crazy, extravagant and different. And to have fun. Various beats and vibes will exist at the same time. Get ready for a journey between House and Techno. Queer artists on the night include Aerea Negrot, Lady Maru, S Ruston and the residents KH38, 2FARO and Mashyno. It all going down at Suicide Circus. Queers open a new chapter of the Berlin nightlife.”

Pictures by Andrea Nu.
Instagram: @ndrnu


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