Polaroid and Nike SB team up with Civilist Berlin to show Berlin’s skate scene evolution through the lens of Steffen Grap

Nike SB and Polaroid celebrate the launch of a sneaker collaboration Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Polaroid, with an exclusive photo exhibition at the former art gallery and current melting pot for skateboarding, streetwear, and culture: Civilist Berlin. The exhibition is open to the public till April 16th, 2022.

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The talented Berlin born-and-raised artist, photographer and Polaroid creator, Steffen Grap is one of the trailblazers of today’s subculture. He is known for his recognizable images and vivid collages. Since he was 13, Steffen has been skating the streets of Berlin and embarking on his photography journey around the same time. His early connection to the skate scene allowed him to experience and capture how the cityscape has evolved with the community changing and growing. After 10 years, he still meets new faces at his favourite spots.

The exhibition, “From This World to the Next,” pays tribute to the hyperlocal subculture as it puts a spotlight on today’s faces of the community. Director and videographer Paul Herrmann and DJ Producer Kolegajj are featured, as well as professional skateboarder Johannes Schirrmeister. The showcase includes a curated selection of Polaroid images mixed with a range of analogue shots captured by Steffen while growing up as a part of Berlin’s skate community.

“We are living in a rapidly changing environment, and I am interested in how these changes influence our community. At the same time, skateboarding is a sort of meditation for me – it helps to get through times of uncertainty. Through “From This World to the Next” I want to explore the future of Berlin’s skateboarders and creative photography” – says Steffen Grap.

For the exhibition concept, Steffen Grap went to his archives and gave the images a new twist by deconstructing them. Through different lay-outing techniques that he uses to create his collages, each image tells its very own story and comes to life within the context of the exhibition. From dissecting the physical Polaroid image and assembling the pieces back together, to recreating digital images by arranging a grid of Polaroid images that rebuild the full motive, the exhibition offers an intimate look into Steffen’s creative world through Polaroid. The disruptive approach in reworking the Polaroid images underlines the message of the exhibition: adapting memories to new norms in an ever-changing system.

From This World to the Next

till April 16, 2022, 12-7pm
Civilist Berlin, Brunnenstraße 13, 10119 Berlin

@polaroid @nikesb @civilistberlin @steffen.grap

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Polaroid will be available on April 5th at Civilist Berlin.