Popovy Sisters – the magical world that borders with reality

Have you seen the beautiful dolls that look as if they are from a different planet? We are fascinated by enchanting fine details and characteristic facial features that border with reality. Written by Daria Klobučar-Vukovinski.

Ekatrina and Elena Popovy, better-known as Katya and Lena, are the twin sisters from Perm, Russia, fashion designers by profession. Around 2004, the girls started making dolls with details that are so real that they are almost spooky. Of course, in the beginning, their dolls were not this realistic, but these perfectionists did not give up. They honed their talent to absolute perfection. A lot of time and effort had to be invested to make an articulated doll that possesses all features and flaws of a real human body. They finally managed to do this in 2012, when they presented the first visuals of their “Sisters” dolls that have conquered Russia, Japan and Germany.

The dolls look so real that they are almost spooky. The freckles, eye colour or complexion, body shape, the shape of the face and its features and the fine details create the impression of a real person. The numinous and androgynous appearance of the face and body of the “Sisters” dolls clearly indicates that these are not the dolls intended for child play, but a valuable piece of art and a collector’s item with a growing value. The twins Lena and Katya could not dream of such success of their dolls, for which a waiting list has already been formed.

All dolls are made by hand and inside of each doll, there is a hand-painted butterfly, that also serves as a guarantee of authenticity. In the beginning, they wanted to make portrait dolls, but in this way, they could not express themselves as designers, so they decided to combine their two loves into one. Now each year the “Popovy Sisters” present a small conceptual collection of dolls and the appropriate clothes, footwear and jewellery, which are then exhibited around the world. That this is now a real business tells the fact that the famous Jean Paul Gaultier has also ordered his “custom-made” dolls, and that the sisters have recently cooperated with the famous singer Yolanda Visser, the lead vocalist of the African rap-rave band Die Antwoord. It seems like young designers have found their medium of expression, in which they are now by far the best. 


Artist: Popovy Sisters @popovysisters

By JM Art Management www.jmartmanagement.com 

Written by Daria Klobučar-Vukovinski