Premiata Autumn/Winter 2019

#Lookbook – After Little Haiti, Japan and Argentina, the Premiata journey goes North and arrives in the land between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia where the Sami population lives. Following the world’s extreme coordinates it is possible to reach places of truth and purity. /


In these spaces, which are often wild and at the same time uncontaminated, where nature challenges man by putting him in front of extreme tests, there are persistent forms of human existence that can still imagine a more authentic way of living. In the north, beyond the boundaries of state homologation, between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, a nationless population resists, originally nomadic, establishing its relationship with reality on the strength of a mystical relationship with nature and its surroundings.

They are the Sami, an indigenous population, traditionally dedicated to reindeer husbandry, hunting and fishing, whose shamanic religion acts as an anthropological and social lintel, in worship and respect of “Mother Earth”. Their typical robes, called Gatki, as well as their flag, represent a wonderful aesthetic manifesto and at the same time a hymn to nature, with dominant colors that celebrate the different elements: the red of the fire, the blue of the sky, the green of the earth and the yellow of the sun.