Premiere: HOOCH! – Sameheads VA vinyl compilation # 2

Wanna have some Hooch? Do ya? Distilled in the cells of our local penitentiary, the second Sameheads’ vinyl is a pool-ball in the sock. A handy tool with a soft side to make you cower.

In lock-down hours Umlaut! have forged a pop-song so real, so relatable, you’ll want to smash your cell and hug your daddy. This world is where corrosive electronic-chason from Epsilove & Ohlandy sweats-it-out alongside Alexander Arpeggio & Marlene Stark’s sleazy workout-regime, whilst on the yard dick-faced messiah Anklepants squares up to technoid gang-boi; An-i. All watched over by the Macgyver of this stinking shit-hole; Franz Scala. 

Hooch! is a magnifier, a one-way mirror to our diminished dignity reminding us that nothing good comes from playing it safe. 

“The only thing left to really see is Stacie Ant’s dystopian 3D render of our 2D world. Flipping the whole steaming-mess on its head and spitting it right back at us, we’ve got fractal-goo dribbling down our faces like the vacant-heathens that we are. VIDEO”

Cover Art by Stacie Ant
Graphic design design by Zeitype

Limited to 300 copies
Distributed by Bordello A Parigi