Pringle of Scotland A/W-20 Menswear

#Lookbook – Pringle of Scotland presents the new A/W-20 Menswear collection. It started with a dream. A childhood dream of flying into space and walking on the moon. Imagining life as an astronaut, inspired by sci-fi and the ever-present fascination of the vast world above us. These dreams of a young mind turned into art and then into fashion for Autumn/Winter ‘20, inspiring modern – perhaps futuristic – new motifs for a brand traditionally associated with the past.

Who hasn’t looked at a night sky and wondered about what was up there? I was the child dreaming of being an astronaut, glued to sci-fi shows and Japanese manga animation that depicted this faraway otherness. Art and design are often influenced by the beauty and formlessness of space, but I liked the idea of playing with the real and fictionalised space: colours borrowed from nebulas, symbols borrowed from constellations, astrology and even sci-fi characters. But through this exploration is the iconic Pringle DNA: using our knitwear expertise to create interesting textures, working with so many different yarns, presenting different weights, using both classic constructions and more modern inversions of tradition. Showing that in knitwear as much as space…anything is possible!

*Giuseppe Marretta, Menswear Design Director /