Pringle of Scotland A/W19 Womenswear Collection

Pringle of Scotland unveiled their latest A/W19 Womenswear collection at London Fashion Week.  ‘Back to basics’ usually suggests a return to the simplicity of some form. For Pringle of Scotland, this means going back to the basics of beautiful yarn. Knitwear is not just what we do, it’s who we are. This Autumn/Winter ’19 collection is a celebration of this, and of two centuries of knitting knowledge and expertise.

The collection is accented by the use of bold graphics and colour combinations borrowed directly from our sportswear archives. A full ski outfit, designed in the 1960s, inspired chevrons across one look and the bright colour combinations of another, while the vibrant Pringle jumpers favoured by male and female golfers during the 1980s influenced a new argyle with sharp and graphic contrast. Classic tartan, Scotland’s own geometric design, is used for panels on cosy jumpers, high-waisted trousers and kilt-inspired skirts.