Pringle of Scotland Spring/Summer 2019

#Lookbook – Pringle of Scotland Spring/Summer 2019 a must wear collection for the next summer season. One of knitwear’s most intricate skills is hand intarsia. Intarsia is a traditional knitting technique creating specific patterns with individual yarn colours. The name means ‘inlaid by hand’ and machines simply cannot achieve the same quality and depth of pattern. During the second half of the twentieth century, Pringle was prolific in its handiwork: creating knit after knit with detailed intarsia designs, particularly of the floral persuasion.

A closer look at the pieces in the archives revealed flowers in all kinds of colours and petal patterns with varying levels of detail. This inspired a new type of modern floral i ntarsia: ‘patching’ together references from the archive styles and reworking them in multi-print and multi-colour combinations, changing the proportions or re-colouring the original design. Pringle’s pioneering printing technique, which also favoured florals, is reintroduced once again on pieces that layer intarsia over print to create an even greater depth of colour and texture.

With flowers front of mind, it could only be spring. Knits must be lighter, shorter, effortless to wear, and easy to layer. Superfine white jumpers showcase the detail in the classic cable stitch, usually confined to chunkier knits, and lightweight ribbed pieces stand out in lilacs, yellows and corals, a palette that has a vintage Pringle nuance but a thoroughly modern sensibility.

The distinctive and defined diamonds of Pringle’s famous argyle are a complementary contrast with the collection’s softer florals. Patched together they make an attractive abstract on fine merino knits. Another famous design, the classic check, is used for a belted trench, cut with an oversized, Nineties-influenced fit to match its nostalgic print. Pairings for the lightweight knits and rich print textures come in timeless leather and denim, with the former neatly cut into mid-length pleats and the latter floral-finished to style as part of all-print looks. Find out more at

Model: Aida Blue
Photgrapher: Larry Hofmann
Stylist: Francesca Burns


The Pringle Bulletin was originally introduced in 1949 as an in-house magazine containing news of recent events and messages from the chairman. It was a lovely, friendly, personal communication that had people at its heart. Reinterpreting and honouring the Bulletin for this project has been a brilliant journey. Pringle has always told stories, and we are delighted to add new ones by Pringle friends and family from across the industry.

We wanted to take the opportunity to give a platform to new talent, as Pringle often has in the past, and so we commissioned recent graduates William Scarborough and Julie Greve to shoot two of our new narratives. William travelled to Scotland to document our factory in Hawick, while Julie captured our iconic archive cashmere among the waterfalls of Wales. Leading fashion photographer Angelo Pennetta celebrates girl of the moment Lili Sumner in classic all-knit looks, and finally we get to showcase a non-stop roll call of brilliant British talent, photographed by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, wearing Pringle past and present.”

Fran Stringer, Women’s Design Director, Pringle of Scotland

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