HANS VANDEKERCKHOVE The Mountain and the Rainbow 1, 2021 oil on canvas, wooden frame 80 x 100 cm unique

Private collection selected by #3 / Hans Vandekerckhove. 19.06–28.08.2021 at Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent (Belgium)

Interested in the process of collecting as a reflection/expression of the owner’s identity, Tatjana Pieters Gallery is pleased to present the third edition of ‘Private Collection Selected By’, a collaboration where a gallery artist selects works from a collection of which he is also a part to bring it into an ensemble with available works of its own.

HANS VANDEKERCKHOVE The Mountain and the Rainbow 3, 2021 oil on canvas, wooden frame 142 x 190 cm unique

Hans Vandekerckhove is premiering a series of unseen and new paintings, including the series ‘The Rainbow and the Mountain’. He says: ‘The mountain is a place of solidified energy, where in the silence of thought you hear the possible answers. Seeing a rainbow in the sky is a wonderfully paradoxical thing, requiring both sun and rain to see the limitless color spectrum.

The mountain and the rainbow are emblematic of the passionate collector couple Paul and Marie-Rose Declercq-Benoot: modest depth and colorful zest for life are the two thrusters of their art collection. Gentle melancholy and southern temperament come together in a unique symbiosis, of which the exhibition ‘The Rainbow and the Mountain’ provides a fragmented blueprint in a playful dialogue with new or previously unseen work by Hans Vandekerckhove.
Here, solidification versus fluidity, alienation versus engagement, obscurity versus transparency, nature experience vs. intimacy, and reality vs. displacement, the guiding principles.
The exhibition expresses one of the essences of this corona era: the search for the sublime in the wonderful, each in our small enclosed worlds.’ – Hans Vandekerckhove

‘Private Collection Selected By #3’ presents works by: Rob Buelens / Fleur De Roeck / Lisse Declercq / Christian Dotremont / Bendt Eyckermans / Karin Hanssen / Anne Marie Laureys / Paul Madeline / Panamarenko / Karl Philips / Reniere & Depla / Roger Raveel / Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert / Charline Tyberghein / Carole Vanderlinden / Rinus van de Velde / Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Floris Van Look / Tinus Vermeersch / Lisa Vlaemminck / Tim Volckaert

& new and unseen paintings by Hans Vandekerckhove

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