Professionalism and Individuality: How to Express Yourself in a Modern Day Office

Whether you’re a new hire at a prestigious law firm or an accountant that has been with a company for years, all professionals experience a situation where there are certain expectations thrust upon them when it comes to their appearance. Done in the name of professionalism, people in modern day offices are expected to appear well-groomed and, of course, well-dressed. Shoes must be polished, nails must be cut and what you wear must make you look professional; all of this is done to ensure that the company projects a certain image to all its clients as well as to foster an attitude of adhering to a certain standard when it comes to an individual’s behavior or actions.

Anything outlandish or something that screams individuality is often considered as being “inappropriate” in many of the offices of today’s prestigious firms. For many within such organizations, it is the price of success since professional organizations need to be able to project to their clients that they are the best based not only on the excellent services of the firm but on how they approach all manner of business, whether big or small. Sometimes though, you can’t help but want to rebel just a little bit, to break the mold of conformity and express who you are as an individual.

However, you can’t be overt, you need to be subtle and even downright sneaky with how you approach expressing individuality. This is where you turn ordinary innocuous items, such as cufflinks, ties and socks into statements that are subtle yet express a level of individuality that you can’t help but smirk at as you go by the office door of the senior partner of your organization.

il_570xN.460443443_9v1eExpressing Yourself Via Cufflinks
Small, out-of-sight, and normally ignored, cufflinks are among the best ways of expressing your individuality in a stuffy professional environment. Let’s say that you’re a fan of Star Wars, did you know that there are lightsaber cufflinks links? In fact, there are TIE fight, X-Wing and even Darth Vader cufflinks that can be easily bought online. If you’re not a Star Wards fan then why not choose from Harry Potter? Ranging from lightning shaped cufflinks to ones that are shaped in the symbol of the Deathly Hallows, there are literally dozens of designs that you can choose from.

In fact, why limit yourself to just these two franchises? There are literally hundreds of different cufflink themes that you can browse through online, each with their own unique designs that enable you to subtly personalize your external appearance in your stuffy office that won’t have you visiting the cubicle of your supervisor at the end of the day due to you deviating from “suggested aesthetic prefereneces” that are required of all employees within the company.

Expressing Yourself Via Socks
Black or white, these are standard colors that all office workers are familiar with when it comes to their choice of socks for the office. That’s because these have long been the most “professional colors” that indicate a person is a no nonsense individual.

However, let’s face it, black and white are boring, they lack pizzazz and wearing the same colors day in and day out would tax even the most ardent supporter of office conformity. That’s why buying VKNagrani designer men’s socks has become increasingly popular for today’s modern day office worker. Ranging from blue to nearly any color under the rainbow with elaborate patterns on them, designer socks aren’t tacky at all and actually do look rather nice.

Going for this type of option is definitely a subtle way of expressing yourself and even if you are called out on it, all you need to do is lift up your pants and show that the socks are actually quite nice and do express a certain level of professionalism while maintaining a person’s individuality.

Expressing Yourself Via Your Tie
Now expression via a tie is rather tricky, it’s a lot more visible and there is only so much leeway that you can get from your boss. A tie with a Garfield theme is definitely out of the question; however, there are some tie designs with subtle patterns on them that you can probably get away with. For example, there are tie options with snitches from the Harry Potter film that are so small that you can barely see them or even ones with creative phrases that just seem like tie patterns. Just remember, stick to what is not obvious and you’re sure to get away with it.

At the end of the day, we all love to express who we are as individuals; in fact, we all crave it in one form or another since it is a natural aspect of being alive and of being human. Conformity is not a natural state of being since humans in general are creatures that love freedom. That is why subtly thumbing your nose at office conformity helps to make enduring professionalism for professionalism’s sake that much more manageable.

A subtle rebellion goes a long way toward gaining some peace of mind in today’s stuffy business environment. It’s actually ironic that there are so many companies whose incomes are dependent on people simply getting irritated at being forced to conform and start subtly rebelling because they’re tired of it all.