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UNAIDS Campaign ProTESTHIV launches exclusive t-shirt series designed by five different artists for World AIDS Day 2015. On December 1st is World AIDS Day. As part of the global campaign ProTESTHIV  – UNAIDS released a T-shirt series designed by five well-known artists. We giveaway T-shirt series to you! Send us an email to


To mark World AIDS Day – ProTESTHIV calls  on the global testing of HIV. For this purpose the artist FUTURA, André, Dustin Yellin, Scott Campbell and AersoynLex designed exclusive T-shirt series that take up the topic visually. The five artists come from different parts of the world and are known worldwide for their contemporary works. The Tshirts are sold in the Concept Stores Goodhood (London), STORM (Copenhagen), Colette (Paris), 290 Square Meters (Amsterdam) and Soto (Berlin) at a price of 50 euros. The edition is limited to a few copies and the proceeds from the sale will benefit UNAIDS.

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ProTESTHIV: Know your status!


About: “ProTESTHIV is an initiative curated by UNAIDS that brings together people from all over the world to promote HIV testing. The campaign’s mission is to raise awareness on testing among young people via social media channels, websites, TV stations, newspapers, magazines, billboards, lifestyle products and mobile phones so that everyone knows about the importance of HIV testing.

The wider the awareness of ProTESTHIV, the stronger the pressure will be on politicians to take HIV testing seriously and act on it, enabling everyone to get tested without fear of stigma and discrimination.

GOAL: To reach the end of the AIDS epidemic by 2030, a fast-track target has been set to greatly expand testing and ensure that by 2020, 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status. If this goal is met, we can galvanise people who test HIV positive to get the care and treatment they need to lead a healthy and productive life and those who test HIV negative stay safe.

We can only achieve this goal with the active participation of everyone. That is why we urge young people everywhere to take a strong stance on HIV testing.”

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We giveaway T-shirt series to you! Send us an email to

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