PROUD RADIO Returns To Apple Music Hosted by Hattie Collins with Special Guests Billy Porter and CHIKA

#Pride – PROUD RADIO returns to Apple Music with a brand new season hosted by renowned British journalist and author Hattie Collins. In the first episode, Hattie is joined by performer, singer, actor, and Pose star Billy Porter who discusses growing up and coming to terms with his sexuality, why activism is in his DNA, living through the AIDS crisis and how it compares to the current moment, why he loves Janelle Monáe, the importance of Pose and more.

Hattie also speaks with rising rapper CHIKA about growing up in the South and her coming out story. PROUD RADIO will air weekly, with each episode featuring progressive LGBTQIAA+ guests and talent spanning modern culture candidly discussing their individual journeys through life. PROUD is a celebration of how far gay and trans rights have come, and a crucial reminder of how far is left to go.

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This month, with the struggle against state-sanctioned violence still raging around the world, and while many queer voices stand together with Black Lives Matter protesters, Apple Music will revisit the activist roots of Pride—with playlists that help tell the decades-long story of the fight for queer rights, albums from queer black artists, and conversations with LGBTQ+ artists about how the efforts continue today. Apple Music’s Pride 2020

Billy Porter Tells Apple Music Why Activism Is In His DNA and The Importance of the Upcoming Election… 

“I’m first-generation post-civil rights movement. And then I came out during the AIDS crisis. Activism is in my DNA. It’s the only thing I know. Frederick Douglass said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” This fight is an eternal fight. Human nature is human nature. That’s the way it goes. We got comfortable. We got a black president. We got comfortable. We thought we’d won something and now we know we didn’t. So we get out in November, we turn it around, and we start over. Because the greatest country in the world means nothing if we’re not all free, none of us are free until all of us are free. And I want to remind these mother, Rome fell. Rome fell, y’all, and we can too if we don’t start acting right. 300 years of progress obliterated by one person. We have work to do.”

Billy Porter Tells Apple Music About Living Through The AIDS Crisis and How It Differs To The Current Moment…

“It was just terror, if you got it it was a death sentence and you got it by having sex, so y’ know we were scared to have sex, we were trying to do it anyway and we were trying to be safe. There was a plague decimating a group of people and the government didn’t care. I have been having PTSD triggers this whole time, you know it (COVID-19) is very reminiscent of that time, the difference is it’s not just one group of people. Yes, there are disproportionate groups but it does at this moment still cut a wide swathe across everybody. Something that took four years for our government to respond to, took about four weeks. I’m praying for that vaccine, child.”

Billy Porter Tells Apple Music About The Importance of ‘Pose’…

“The fact that I just, as I said before, I’m so grateful to have lived long enough to see this day where this story gets to be told. I get to tell the story of an entire generation that was snuffed out. My friends, I made it. And this is the reason why, this is my ministry, our legacy. We are here. We have always been here and we ain’t going nowhere.”

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