PSSBL S/S21- Sustainable. Functional. Minimalist.

Introducing Pssbl and its new S/S21 collection. Pssbl is a new brand founded in 2018 in Hong Kong creating highly functional and sustainable, but fashionable urban bags and accessories.
Pssbl is more than a brand. A group of passionate individuals, working together to create the best urban products.

Our bags are made using 100% recycled fabrics. Each bag is made out of used, collected and recycled PET bottles.

Inspired by diverse influences from around the world and the atmosphere of different big cities, the idea of “Make it PSSBL” began in 2017. Marc Finsterlin and his team create bags that meet their high standards of functionality, minimalist design and sustainability.

The new unisex collection is deliberately constructed for active and fast-paced city life. The bags by PSSBL are therefore multifunctional and also sustainable. The collection is made of 100% recycled fabric.

In this fabric, 5 to 50 PET bottles are reused. All products are manufactured under good working conditions and are consciously designed to last a lifetime. In addition, the packaging is also designed from recycled materials. /