Pyer Moss FW16 – My demons won today I’m sorry!

#NewYorkFashionWeek: Although Pyer Moss prepped several women’s looks into his show, it was more about menswear and the question came up if the label does better showing during Men’s Week!? However the Fall Winter collection was all about commander caps affixed with buttons with several messages. So you could read the words Acid, Booze, LSD and Molly on the buttons, prints were saying “You don’t have any friends in LA” and a model  was carrying a poster stating “My demons won today I’m sorry”!. The idea of the hats and buttons were Erykah Badu’s idea, who helped to style the collection of Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond. Even though it was a menswear collection it has to be said is a really good one.