Queer Icon Bruce LaBruce Kidnapped By Lesbian Feminist Terrorist Gang

THE MISANDRISTS, A MOVIE BY BRUCE LABRUCE! A secret cell of feminist terrorists is planning to liberate women, overthrow the patriarchy, and usher in a new female world order.  A new teaser trailer posted to Kickstarter shows the iconic filmmaker at the mercy of the ruthless Female Liberation Army, a gang of lesbian feminist terrorists who make up the cast of his latest film, The Misandrists. Currently shooting in Berlin, the movie serves as a companion piece to his 2005 work The Raspberry Reich, a pornographic tale inspired by the Baader-Meinhof Gang of German leftists who held businessman Hanns Martin Schleyer captive in 1977.

With a plot that sounds like all your softcore, B-movie exploitation dreams come true (a countryside school for wayward girls is actually a front for the FLA terrorist cell, with the film’s climax revealing a new style of lesbian propaganda porn) The Misandrists is currently seeking €23,000 to help with production and post-production costs. The FLA will release LaBruce when the goal is reached, meaning it’s up to us to ensure both his safety and that this cinematic gem makes it to our screens.


“I’m making the movie with limited resources because I feel it’s important to push my work forward as a filmmaker regardless of budgetary constraints or the prior censorship that certain kinds of more conventional financing may entail,” LaBruce explains. “Working with modest budgets has always allowed me the freedom to make challenging and provocative films.”

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