Berlin! Do not miss the solo exhibition at the Arndt Art Agency (A3). Presented by Albertz Benda, New York and DISTANZ Publishers upon the occasion of the artist’s monographic book launch “Rainer Fetting”. The exhibition goes till 14.01.2018. Rainer Fetting is the epitome of the return of figural painting at the end of the 70s and one of our Berlin heroes. With his expressive and brisk pictures he counts as one of the most significant artists, not just of the late 20th century but even today. Installation images ©Berndt Borchardt

Fetting has teamed up with Matthias Arndt from the Arndt Art Agency (A3) in Berlin to present his newest project in collaboration with albertz benda, New York and DISTANZ publishers. The title “Taxis, Monsters and the Good Old Sea“ sums up pretty well what you can see at the exhibition. The occasion of the presentation is the celebration of the print publication with the same name.

The exhibition includes thirteen new paintings from the last three years. The central theme of the sea and coastal environments comes to live through illustrations of treacherous waves and figures surfing. These works reflect the artist’s strong bond with the North Sea and his base Sylt.

For some of his motifs Rainer Fetting also took inspiration from travelling within the United States. Fascinated by the scenery and energy surrounding Florida’s beaches, Fetting has captured these impressions on canvas. Palm trees are juxtaposed with the image of a glaringly yellow taxi rich in colour.

The illustration of cows in pastoral settings is a new development in the artist’s practice. The outer forms of the animals appear blurred, allowing them to seemingly merge with their surrounding landscapes.

Connecting to the exhibition’s title, a “monster” lurks in one of the paintings that presents an unsettling scene of a clown with a menacing expression staring out of the rear window of a car upon an apocalyptic setting.

To break it all down, the most striking quality of Fetting’s paintings is a “bigger-than-life” physicality and sense of presence that reaches from his earliest to his most recent works.

Arndt Art Agency (A3)
Fasanenstraße 28
10719 Berlin


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