Ramona Renacido

A KALTBLUT exclusive. A showcase of garments, masks, and accessories created by Moscow multidisciplinary artist Vladimir Bordoque (aka 13.15.) for his virtual brand OVERSACE Est. by 13.15. Vladimir recycles and upcycles no longer needed things, materials and ideas thus creating his peculiar works of art. All of the objects are assembled from old samples of upholstery fabric, fittings, accessories, obsolete and worn-out apparel, garment bags, bijoux etc. Masks constructed in special embroidery technique by hand out of common metallic colanders are the highlight of his creations. The artist calls most of his items prototypes and teasers for the upcoming series of art pieces.

The strong team behind the photoshoot comprised of photographer Ruslan Shavaleev, lead makeup artist for Maybelline Yury Stoliarov and Ramona as a character ideally fitting into the spirit of OVERSACE. Ramona (Roman Yakubson) is a Moscow character.

Diva by nature, Ramona is not a male or female, rather an embodiment of our youthful hopes and a well-known pioneer of high fashion direction of Russian drag. Having spent several years in Spanish seclusion, Ramona returns as a wiser, calmer and spiritually enhanced version of self continuing to shine and emanate inhuman opulence thus giving the name and depth to the project. RAMONA RISING FOREVER!

Photography by Ruslan Shavaleev / Instagram: @shavaleev
Style by Vladimir Bordoque / Instagram: @oversace_house
Model is Roman Yakubson / Instagram: @derfledermaus
Make up by Yuriy Stolyarov / Instagram: @stolyarovyuriy

OVERSACE. Est By 13.15. / Instagram: @oversace_house