Ray-Ban – #campaign4change

Lovers, friends and KALTBLÜTER let´s change the world! Be part of the new Ray-Ban #campaign4change campaign. Ray-Ban is calling for a change. It’s time for a change that you desire for the world. Whether it is funny, cranky, serious or funny, we want to know about it. Present your change and you can win support, travel and other insane stuff. Register yourself HERE and be part of an amazing project.


Ray-Ban calls again, to be part of the “Order of Never Hide” movement. This year is all about the #campaign4change. It is all about to change the world. On the Campaign page you can publish your very own “Changes” and share it with the world.

Our theme for the #campaign4change is “Live transparently“. Watch the video on the top. Starring the one and only Lexy Hell, a well known German model. Her darkest secret is: She is disgusted by her own feet. And yes I have also a dark secret..  I am going to share now with you: I am addicted to Gummibärchens.. I eat them every day and I never share!!!!

What is yours? Tell us and the world.

About “Order of Never Hide” movement:

toonh2015-logoThe Order of Never Hide can not be put into words. But if it could, these would be the words we’d use: It is a movement established by humans – for humans – to preserve our most human qualities. Things like individuality, eccentricity, and the ability to rollerskate in spandex while singing La Cucaracha. We celebrate being comfortable in your own skin – and sometimes only your own skin. Put simply, our mission is to Never Hide.

When did the order start?

While the exact date of origin is unknown, members of The Order have been active for centuries. From the Iriquois Indian who created the mowhawk to Georges Seurat’s dots to the first man to wear assless chaps, loyal followers of The Order have played an integral part in inspiring society to fully embrace the human condition. And each other.

Why reveal the society now?! 

The Order of Never Hide has been a highly secretive organization for centuries. But no one really knows why. Now we’re breaking our silence to use our influence for good and we’re starting with social media. Let’s omit the food shots and selfies and post something interesting. Something creative. Something that shows that there is more to you than your pet, (but do please tell them hello for us). Take the Never Hide challenges and discover how great being never hidden can be.


So strangers, lovers and friends… sign up for the #champaign4change and “Order of Never Hide” movement. Tell us your secret. We are also nominating our friends from iHeartBerlin and Miss Amy Heaton from The Impossible project. Join us.. It´s time for a change! Register HERE