Red September F/W 2021-22

#Lookbook – Fashion is forever changing its own code entirely, reinventing itself every season. This is why for FW21, RED SEPTEMBER brings us its interpretation of city Metropol fashion. The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman’s image drifts through and inhabits the collection, respecting and complimenting the small bursts of art deco inspired by the iconic famous steel couple.

Inspired by the Russian youth groups whose progressive views were formed by the underground movement. The cool city kids, underground rock bands and ‘perestroika’ style paved the strength and union of this new wave underground. This is evident in statement pieces like a militia parka inspired bomber with the ‘unbreakable union’ confirmed by the iconic image of 2 males intimate embrace.

Beautifully tailored pieces including a wool coat, bearing strong pleats and the iconic and prosperous ‘Ear of grain’ through delicate embroidery. Highlighting again the importance of strength within the collection.

Patchwork embodied knitwear pay homage to various ‘perestroika’ brands dear to the hearts of the underground movements.

Workwear, sportswear and classic tailoring are all present as was diversity within these revolutions, yet RED SEPTEMBER continues her free game of mixing and matching the codes of traditional wardrobes through the fabrication-focused approach that defines her work. A series of relaxed and generously proportioned pieces that extend overall genders.

A buffet of dominant silhouettes to cater to all those ready for the next revolution.

Shoot for: @redseptemberofficial
Location: @apollo_studios
Models: Maxim @maks_kaschtalinski, Victoria @vivi_vik, Dima
Photographer: Yan Yugay @yugayyan
Assistant of Photographer: Slava Kritz @slava.kritz
Style: Svetlana Tanakina @svetlana_tanakina
Style assistant: Dzhannet Osmanova
Make up and Hair: Julia Rada @julia.rada
Set: Alexandra Budarina @budarina.alexandra
Set assistant: Alexey Leontyev @leshaest
Production: Alexey Iordanov @jordanidze NOB AGENCY @nobagency