Reebok Celebrates Pride Month With a Multi-Sneaker Collection

Have you ever written a love letter? A real, raw and honest expression of how you feel about someone can be a very powerful thing to put out in the world. But there is a unique beauty in capturing your feelings and sharing them with someone who means so much to you.
In honour of Pride Month this June, Reebok wrote a love letter in the form of an entire collection and campaign dedicated to LGBTQ+ friends, family and community. The collection entitled, “All Types of Love”, is a physical representation of all the ways to love and be loved and the need for human connection.
The supporting campaign, “Proud Notes” provides a platform for authentic, passionate individuals to share their unique stories and journeys as they are celebrated through notes written by loved ones. The hope is that this collection and campaign continues to raise awareness of the daily injustices and inequalities that this community still faces with a product that is built for everyone.  
But in order to create this love letter of a collection and campaign, there had to be strong voices from the community involved and represented throughout. Before designs for the “All Types Of Love” collection were even put forward, there was a brainstorm held with Reebok’s LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group (ERG), Colorful Soles, to gain input into the story and designs. Colourful Soles co-chair Ken Hanson says the brainstorming session that took place was a great way to encourage members to speak freely and open up creatively to help bring the collection to life in the most authentic way possible.
“We had the whiteboard session with the whole ERG on what they wanted to see from a Pride collection. I was not sure how I could contribute, being an ally and someone who does not work in the product at all, but it was so refreshing to see that the product team was giving the group a voice on how they wanted Reebok to represent and highlight the LGBTQ+ community.”
Everyone’s story is unique, and everyone’s journey is different, so it was important that this collection supported and celebrated that. The collection enables everyone to express their style of Pride however they/he/she sees fit. It celebrates the many personalities, ways to love, and journeys that members of the LGBTQ+ community have travelled in life. 
While celebrations during the month of June may be dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, the March for Equality happens daily. From the Stonewall Riots 51 years ago that sparked a movement for change to now, advocacy and representation are just as important today. With that in mind, Reebok featured activists and influencers in the LGBTQ+ community; real people who are fighting for equality every day in the “Proud Notes” campaign.  
The campaign includes five activists: Twiggy, a choreographer, Wazina, an educator, Dylan, an artist, Nali, a dancer, and June, a model. While wearing Reebok’s collection made specifically to celebrate exactly who they are, they each shared their passions and unique stories. 
Twiggy says that her advocacy work, helping LGBTQ+ youth facing homelessness and as program director for True Colors United, is centred around her personal experiences and drawing on what she knows allows her to help others. “I do a ton of different sorts of advocacy work. For me, being queer, being non-binary, being black, being from the south, having experienced homelessness in many forms, centres me and situates me in the right position to lead the work that I lead,” she says.