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Rein Vollenga´s „The Garden of Heavenly Sins“

Hendrick’s “Chambers of the Curious”! Innovative power, unusual processes and the desire for the unknown belong to Hendrick’s philosophy and so the latest project of the house fits perfectly into the picture. Last September Hendrick’s opened a door into the world of curiosities in an old town of Hamburg. Visitors are expecting a fantastic journey through the human brain, at the center of creativity, at the interface between science and tourism. Welcome to the “Chambers of the Curious”.



The Dutch artist Rein Vollenga directed “The Garden of Heavenly Sins”. The performance, developed especially with five dancers, confused the mind and kept the thoughts in motion. Sculpture, dance, light, sound and taste merged here into a singularly grotesque dream sequence, whose fascinating beauty could lead the relevance of awakening to absurdity.


My inspiration comes from everyday life. I collect a lot of objects that I find on the streets, party stores, DIY shops etc. these objects are mostly mass produced but have a physical or organic aesthetic. They are quite ambiguous and alienating to me and are a big resource of my artwork. The found objects get integrated and modified into my sculptures. Besides that I draw a lot of inspiration from classical art, tribal and African art. Animals and insects are fabulous!

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Gin used to be a medicine to make creativity flow into the brain.