Röyksopp – The Inevitable End

The title for Röyksopp’s latest album The Inevitable End may sound a little bleak though don’t be too concerned. This may be Röyksopp’s final album but they have promised us that this will only be the last in the traditional album format. Looking to branch out into a more experimental means of music making, Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge pride themselves on creating sound that is timeless. Coming just a few months after their collaborative EP, Do It Again with Swedish-pop goddess Robyn bringing them back from their downtime after their 2010 album, Senior.

Now having five bodies of work since their first album Melody A.M in 2001 whereby, the duo began building on creating a name and sound in the electronic music scene – each album has corresponded in the growth and direction of the Röyksopp of today. The Inevitable End isn’t about club banging tunes but rather a stick your headphones in and listen type of album. Don’t be mistaken this doesn’t take away from the album’s power and succinct down-tempo beats. A smooth clean listen that doesn’t give away too much although it seems the album has taken a bit of a beating from critics in comparison to their previous sound. Perhaps, it has something to do with them exploring different avenues in their musical career. With a nod to Daft-Punk in the opening track ‘Skulls’ it clearly still holds a distinct Röyksopp sound making for a stand out track. The 17 track LP carries a controlled feel throughout with a list of collaborations that work perfectly with the nature of the album. Once again working with Robyn for their track ‘Rong’, perfectly placed in the middle of the album this electro-pop clash sets the tone for a gentle mix of tracks to create the formation of The Inevitable End.

We have heard many artists state their last albums numerous times over –  so who knows this may not be the last for Röyksopp. With strength in their efforts not to repeat themselves perhaps a creative hiatus is the perfect way to scope out further direction looking forward into the future. Ambiguous plans to showcase their music in new and profound ways including a focus on visuals and one-off recordings, I am certain this will not be the last we hear from one of our favourite Norwegian electro duo.








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