RRD Spring/Summer 2019

Pure colours, essential shapes and light materials are the key parts of the new RRD Spring/Summer 2019 collection. A high technological value mix applied to textiles, guaranteed by the use of Holistic Technology®, honed by the Tuscan company research.


Techno-colour is the buzzword for the new collection by RRD – Roberto Ricci Designs. Added value is conferred upon garments featuring essential and clean cuts, by the use of new and surprising nuances: outerwear exudes warm yellow tones tending towards fluorescence, intense orange, optical white, blue denim, right up to gold and silver coloured metal fibres.


“We have succeeded in synthesizing cuts featuring essential lines, with high technological value fabrics”, Roberto Ricci explains. “The choice of intense colour, coupled with the performance of materials, has determined the uniqueness of our proposal. We have created garments that are perfect for travellers: extremely light and foldable, they fit into small cases that can always be carried in luggage. The collection’s more urban section also features Lycra, a distinctive trait of our company. A fabric which harnesses all our research into technological performance applied to fabrics. In this collection, Lycra becomes lightweight, almost impalpable, highly breathable and suitable for warm spring temperatures. Our classic cut shirts, trousers created from sartorial models and fleeces enriched with light Oxford fabrics that are soft to the touch, are all made from Lycra. Garments have been deliberately stripped of superfluousness, in a search for essentiality and pure design. Technical sartorialism and glamour, shapes and materials, treatments and colours, all blended in the perfect Italian style”.