“rring” A short film for PHINGERIN 21 Spring/Summer PJ collection

Floregraphies are currently screening “rring”, a short film made for Tokyo based clothing company PHINGERIN, to introduce their unique seasonal pajamas for this season, by filming diverse characters and patterns. phingerin.com

People in pajamas in their own time at home, at the office or elsewhere: some are drawing, some are sewing on buttons, and some are busy stealing time…

“This video captures moments of getting lost in the middle of an activity, the moment we losing the perception of time when imagination branches out and gives form to memories. We use analogue/digital cameras and music/soundscape to show the parallel layers of reality and memory.”

With: Beverley Curran, Tomoyuki Kobayashi, Suwa Kobayashi, Andry Adolphe
Direction and Image: Cassandre Lafon cassandrelafon.com
Sound: TJM soundcloud.com/hashmandeejay 
Colour Grading: Lou Occelli

Screenplay: Cassandre Lafon, Andry Adolphe
Clothes: PHINGERIN phingerin.com

Thank You to Yo Ota, Hayato Yamazumi, Togen Tokyo Laboratory, Map Rental