Ry X – Sweat

“With ‘Sweat’ we wanted to convey a sense of rawness that inherently lives in this track, a live take in a bathroom studio,” says Ry X of his latest video, co-directed with long time collaborator Dugan O’Neal. “I tend to go more linear with ideas, Ry wants go as abstract as possible but the same creative energy is there,” adds the Los Angeles-based director O’Neal.


Captured around Glassell Park and Downtown LA, the video is just the latest in a long series of vines, music videos, and songs created by the pair, most of which has never seen the light of day outside their own circles. “We always have a lot of fun,” says O’ Neal. “A lot of jokes. One of the most memorable was when Ry actually cried on camera, it was deep—then we went back to jokes.”

“Sweat / Love Like This” is out  on Dumont Dumont and Ry X is on tour across Europe kicking off in Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London from February 13 through 20, 2015.