SADAK S/S16 – Part II By Hiroyuki Koshikawa

Berlin Fashion Week. We just can´t get enough from the new collection by Berlin based fashion house SADAK. The award winning designer Sasa Kovacevic unveiled 2 days ago his new spring/summer vision. Photographer Hiroyuki Koshikawa wnet also backstage for KALTBLUT to shoot some great photos. Enjoy it. 





SADAK is a fashion brand created in 2010 by Serbian-born designer Sasa Kovacevic. SADAK holds a strong ethnographic tie to the traditional attire of Kovacevic’s motherland of Serbia. He is generally inspired by the idea of culture and history; he often reinterprets traditional and/or historical clothing and while doing so retains a fashion-forward approach to his creations, which often comprise of tribal elements, local beliefs, and influences of different traditions. SADAK draws connections between fashion, contemporary art and tradition.


SADAK’s work is also fueled by an interest in activism and revolution. Through his work, Kovacevic brings the voices and experiences of traditionally and historically marginalized cultures to the forefront of contemporary art.


“The clothing is innovative and unique, whilst still incorporating distinctive elements from a variety of preceding periods and ethnic cultures. The various inspirations for the collections are essentially what makes them so superior in character. It’s not only the collection as a whole that comes with a motive, it’s the individual works themselves. Encompassing the vast aesthetic value of the past, (SADAK) clothing never fails to pursue how those values affect the future.” J.F.Kennedy





Both SADAK’s mens and womens collections are recognizable for their color scheme, distinct patterns and reinterpretation of traditional costumes which allow each collection to make a characteristic statement. The various colors, textures and patterns used in SADAK’s designs call for bold representation of voice.

Click HERE for Part I

Backstage photography by Hiroyuki Koshikawa


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