House of red doors: Ghosts Shot for Midsummer nights dream party by Bad Bruises Credit: Krosky

Salon – Zur wilden Renate! A visual history of 2018 through Flyer Art

Born from an unrenovated apartment building in Friedrichshain, across the river from Treptower Park in Berlin. Salon – Zur wilden Renate is getting ready for it´s 11 Bday Party. Time for us to have a look back of 2018´s most iconic flyers from our favourite club in town. Berlin is a club captial. Our clubs have had a look and strong identity from the early days of 1990s nights nightclubs of today. Berlin has given birth to some of the world’s most iconic nightclubs. Each club is so distinct, its unique identity, sound and community of music lovers. Salon – Zur wilden Renate is the weekend living room for clubbers from all over the world. Let´s celebrate the best flyer designs of 2018 so far before the BIG BIG Birthday weekend begins. 

01. Weimar Republic – House of Red doors

Embodiment of Decadence the German belle époque

designed by Moving Apes

02. Bar Knutschen

for valentines day, depicting couples around the Renate Bar

Credit: Jasmin Schuller

03. Kaleidoscope – Goddess of Rave

Intention was a party goddess, with all the vices of rave

Credit: Andre Kezzyn

04. Tony

East German working class summer man

Photo: Kieran Behan

05. MS Renate

Old picture from the Renate Party Archive.

06. AFD rally : Kiss my ass

Credit: Nicolas Andre

07. House of red doors: Ghosts

Shot for Midsummer nights dream party by Bad Bruises

Credit: Krosky

08. Beautiful on the inside

Credit: Dima Peels

Berliners! Save the date and let´s celebrate 11 years of Salon – Zur wilden Renate with a 3 Days Non Stop Party! 14.09-17.09.2018. This eleventh birthday can truly be expected as one of these sessions that made the place a modern myth.

“This year we are bringing our crews like Bad Bruises with their almost legendary “House of red Doors” parties, who will host the Onkel Tom’s Hütte in the garden this weekend. The Bordel des Arts collective and of course the colourful guys from TrashEra will be part of the at least 72 hours of quality rave, hosting a very special floor.”

click HERE for all information, line up and and #happybirthdayrenate

Salon Zur Wilden Renate
Alt Stralau 70; Friedrichshain; 10245 Berlin; Germany