Sandra Kolstad – Zero Gravity State Of Mind

“Gravity is everything that pulls the human soul down. Everything that keeps us from being everything we could be. Gender, class, constraining norms and values, mental illness, injustice, poverty, religious conflicts, political structures…. Fear, that in all its different shapes drags us down, holds us down and away from freedom.” says Sandra Kolstad about her new album “Zero Gravity State Of Mind” Out since October 6th on Red Eye Transit 


Sandra Kolstad combines her passion for acoustic and electronic elements in an experimental musical universe, full of playfulness and imagination. Her highly visual performances seduce the audience and open up a world, where firm electronic beats, dreamy vocals and vivid instrumentals, challenge both ear and eye. From a young age Sandra Kolstad has been devoted to music. She started out as a classical piano student in Norway, but soon her main focus became composing music herself. After having travelled around countries like Cuba, India and Mongolia, Sandra moved to Berlin in 2009 and started working on her own songs, establishing her musical identity.

In Berlin Sandra began to work with electronic music, electronic hardware and synths, and soon she discovered a sound she could identify with. A sound that is experimental, yet danceable and invites the listener into her sparkling and extravagant reality. Focusing on exploring the live potential of her music, Sandra’s performances are visually stimulating, just like her video and photo shoots.

Her debut album CRUX and her sophomore album (Nothing Lasts) Forever have won much acclaim both in
Norway and internationally, and consequently Sandra has been touring Europe, UK, Russia, Canada and USA, also performing at Roskilde Festival and Øya Festival among others.

tumblr_inline_nd4hm4gLPK1ravft4Sandra Kolstad’s third album Zero Gravity State of Mind will be released since October 6th, 2014.



Mo 13.10. Hamburg, Übel & Gefährlich / FB Event / Pre-sale: €12.00, Doors: € 14.00

Di 14.10. Leipzig, Distillery / Tickets

Do 16.10. Berlin, Urban Spree / FB Event / Tickets