Saskia Lenaerts Spring/Summer 2021 – DISARM PREJUDICE

#ModaLisboa – Workstation. Aiming for a TRANS-NATIONAL way of life by DIS-ARMING prejudice. Decommissioning military surplus and deadstock fabrics for world peace. This collection translates “the space between two opponents in combat” into garments. Filling this negative space creates a positive one. This represents a means to fill gaps and is a metaphor for closing the social, political and cultural gaps between people; as well as turning the existing military garments into outright unmilitary ones, both in meaning and in function. //

The outcome is subverting the viewer by referencing military garments for an opposite and new purpose and eliminating their negative connotations to portray the designer’s views on a borderless, diverse and more unified world.

Saskia Lenaerts holds a Master degree in fashion menswear from Central Saint Martins, Winner of The Considered Design award sponsored by Johnstons of Elgin and L’Oreal Professionnel scholarship.

Her work aims to disarm prejudice. It pushes for a more unified and borderless world, founded on celebrating both our cultural differences and commonalities.