Save The Date: OfW – A city tour on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

There is a square in the middle of Berlin that was built under the sign of ∇. And that is where OfW is gonna show us something in September. Who is OfW? A multipersonal, multi identical and multilingual theater collective. Their work is located between spoken-word-theater and installations with dramatic elements. OfW is also the german abbreviation for “Without permanent residence” and therefore they are required to seek asylum at a new venue for every new project they do. In 2020, like a lot of us, they somehow got locked in at one place. That’s how they found themselves as dysto-utopists and now they invite everyone to a guided tour around that particular square in a multidisciplinary science-fiction safari.

KALTBLUT: So you’re gonna make a guided tour. What can we expect from that?

OfW:  I will give you an introduction to the ∇ effect and how it shaped all of us – at the square, in Berlin, even in the entire world! With the creation of the ∇, many big and small episodes emerged, all of which lead to the inevitable future. From there I am gonna start the tour. In a world where the theaters, cinemas and all the public spheres do not exist anymore.

KALTBLUT: Sounds like the lockdown would have never ended?

OfW: You think you have been spared from that? We will see…

KALTBLUT: How did you get into that topic?

OfW: During my isolation I got super-nerdy. I got stuck directly at this place and out of boredom I started to research about it. When was that Babylon Cinema built? Or Volksbühne? Since when was that playground there? Were there jewish people living in the house I stay in? Besides reading a lot of Rousseau, I had nothing productive to do so I was just digging deeper and deeper into the history of my neighbourhood. I slowly realized – wow there’s more and more to it. People did super weird things here to get attention and that also showed during the first lockdown. 

KALTBLUT: What do you mean?

OfW: Since April 2020 people’s march against the Covid-restrictions in front of my house. In the beginning I thought it was just a regular demonstration but then I realised it was an art-performance called Circumvention. Albeit a very clever one but still an art-performance just to get attention. And the same thing was done before, whether it was the occupation of Volksbühne in 2017 or a shooting that took place in 1931. It felt like everyone who was on the place just had this drive to get attention by making other people feel shady. And then I got to my conclusion that this place is actually cursed. It was created to make people want to have attention. And then this makes other people jealous, frustrated and ultimately hate each other. They literally put that big triangled square on the map of a city that becomes the stage of a battlefield.

KALTBLUT: Who did this?

OfW: A bunch of people. There are too many links to different parts of our society so it’s impossible to track them all down but they’re still working very well on it.

KALTBLUT: Sounds a bit like a conspiracy?

OfW: It totally is! But such an entertaining one! And I am glad to finally share it with others.

KALTBLUT: That’s what you gonna do at the tour?

OfW: Exactly. I am gonna take the people on a walk to explore all of it with me. And because our time will be limited it would be impossible to share all of it. So that’s why people can also read into all of my findings online here:

KALTBLUT: You created a wiki for that?

OfW: It’s called Fandom! It’s similar but not the same! 

KALTBLUT: Excuse me. 

OfW: This Fandom makes no claim to historical correctness or completeness, it is simply an attempt to describe the phenomenon of ∇ in the beginning and thus to get to the bottom of it. With this fandom everyone is invited to discover what I discovered in the safest way possible – at your own home alone. But if you are brave enough to come to that place, I will give you a tour in person. Maybe you will meet my Idol Jean-Jacques Rousseau, maybe you will meet some strangers, make some new friends. Who knows? But for sure you will become an expert in everything related to the world of ∇.

With: Tomas Kutinjač, Sara Mazzanti and the works of Clémence Caillouel, Romain Frequency, Gozde Atalay Kokkoris, Stéphane Mashyno & Lena Schulze Frenking 

Director: Philipp Urrutia

Dates: 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 September 2021, 7.30 pm
additional date on 11 September 2021, 5.00 pm

(Duration: 1 hour)

Participation is only possible with a ticket. Tickets are sold in advance at

Creative is: @theaterofw
Photos & Styling is: Stephane Masyhno @mashyno
Models are Tomas Kutinjac & Sara Mazzanti @k_tomas & @magic_mazzanti