Schatzi & The Monster AW 14-15

One to watch! New founded Berlin based fashion label “Schatzi & The Monster” presents its first collection “Back to Lichtenberg”. Inspired in the live style of the low neighborhoods, pimp, gypsy, choni, cheap and seedy. Mixing spor- tswear. And not to much complicated and cheap materials, basic shapes and unwerable fabrics, black, white, gold and animal print.The lookbook is photographed by Robert Bartholot. Models are Moritz Frechen and Jacob Thiessen. Styling by Gio Tamiello. All garments by Schatzi & The Monster.

The designer is trying to take us in the middle of “Lichtenberg”! A part of East Berlin and re-create the type of style of this zone. The Fall/Winter 2014 collection is designed by Guille Chipironet who describes himself as a creative human being with no direction “I ́m not a designer but I like to do stuff and learn of all experiences around me” We had a little chat with Guille Chipironet about his new label, Berlin and more:

KALTBLUT: Congratulations to your first collection! I really like what I see. But first at all I have to ask where is the name “Schatzi & The Monster” coming from?

Guille Chipironet: The name of the brand comes from the dualism that we have in life. I think that everybody has a beast and a beauty inside.

KALTBLUT: Is there a special meaning behind?

Guille Chipironet: I have always been a very hedonistic person and I have been thinking for a long time the real meaning of (my) life. My conclusion is that everything in life is working on an eternal dualism. When something goes wrong in a part of this globe, something goes well in the other. When something is hot, something is cold. When I feel great, others feel miserable. Life is dualism, and we have to learn to live with it.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell us something about yourself? Where are you from?

Guille Chipironet: I grew up between Barcelona and La Pobla de Segur, the perfect balance between the noise of the city and the relax of the mountains.

KALTBLUT: And since when have you been in Berlin?

Guille Chipironet: It’s three years since I moved here. I actually came to visit a friend and I fell in love with the city, the vibe and the people and I decided to stay.

KALTBLUT: What makes Berlin the place to be for yourself?

Guille Chipironet: I think the city provides me with the dualism I have aforementioned. I have found a good balance between work, creativity and fun… It’s a way to be responsible and irresponsible in life at the same time. Besides the atmosphere of the city makes me feel very powerful.

KALTBLUT: Your first collection is very sporty – 1990s like. What was your inspiration for the collection? Btw I love the name ” Back to Lichtenberg” … for all non Berliners can you explain what does it means?

Guille Chipironet: I don’t have a specific pattern to follow but my intuition. I can find the inspiration in any place of that city. Lichtenberg is the first place I had contact with in Berlin. My best friend was living there when I came for the first time and it represents for me the origin of my new life in Germany. It’s the place where I always have time to come back. When I have a problem or I need to restart my life, I always come back to Lichtenberg.

KALTBLUT: My favourite pieces of your collection are the sweaters. Love the golden pieces. How much money do I have to spend if I wanna buy one?

Guille Chipironet: This is my first collection and to be honest I haven’t had time to think about it. I try to avoid thinking of benefits or money when I design for fun or pleasure. If I thought in money when I’m inspired, my work would probably look completely different.

KALTBLUT: Also your sporty short trousers are great. I guess the gay guys will love it… easy to handle during a night out. Do you think also straight guys will wear it? Who is your customer?

Guille Chipironet: I’m gay and I love to design short trousers because I think I have nice legs haha! Anyway, when I’m making clothes I never think in the gender of my customers. It’s something about style and nothing related to sex. The models that promote my shorts are straight, by the way, so, gay or straight girls and boys, if you feel great with my shorts on, I feel great either way!

KALTBLUT: With which materials have you worked for this collection?

Guille Chipironet: I work on dualism with my materials too. In one hand, the customer will discover a very comfy piece of clothing made of cotton. On the other hand, that piece shows its harder side made of plastic, Lycra or synthetics.

KALTBLUT: Are there any designers where you get your inspiration from? Which fashion human being is your icon?

Guille Chipironet: I have worked very close to the fashion industry for years and I have had the chance of making collaborations with a lot of designers such as: SADAK, TATA CHRISTIANE, SVEN (BOUTIQUE5000), AURELIA PAUMELLE, LADIEGUEZ, MATALAFRIA and EL HOSPITAL DEL ARTE…. I don’t have a reference to follow but if I’d have to tell you a name I’d probably say Mathew Barney.

KALTBLUT: I know that you are a very very good photographer. And now fashion designer.. Who is Guille Chipironet in real life?

Guille Chipironet: Well, I work as a bartender at Schwarzes Café. That job helps me (financially talking) to develop my career as a fashion designer and I must say it’s a place where I connect and deal with the real world. I like coming to Earth and feel like a human sometimes.

KALTBLUT: Are you excited about your first collection? What was the most difficult during the creation?

Guille Chipironet: I’m very exited, really. I’m 30years old but I feel like a baby right now, full of illusion, energy, in the mood to explore new worlds. Beginnings are hard, but this collection has been easier to create than expected, we will see in the next season if I still have so much inspiration.

KALTBLUT: I love the look book. And you have worked with one of my favorite photographers for that. Robert Bartholot. How does this happened?

Guille Chipironet: Well, Robert and I are close friends and we love to work together. I have worked as a model for him and we love to hang out, take a beer and talk about life or art all night long.

KALTBLUT: Summer is arriving.. So what are your plans for the rest of the year? Will you show your designs also during Berlin Fashion Week?

Guille Chipironet: I don’t want to stress myself with dates and important events. I just want to enjoy what I am doing, slowly and intensely. I am not in a hurry and I have never been attracted to the fame. The best plan of the summer will be chilling out in Görlitzer Park in the sun. I hope to have more ideas to show to the world and time to work as a photographer.

Credits + Contact:

Photography by Robert G. Bartholot / @Facebook
Models: Moritz Frechen and Jacob Thiessen
Stylist: Gio Tamiello
Clothing: Guille Chipironet – Schatzi & The Monster

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