Short Movie! This Oscar winner of 1994 by Pepe Danquart is timeless in its relevance, it’s shocking. A black guy in a tram in Berlin has to bear all the clichés and prejudices of Europe’s privileged people and no one jumps on his side. It’s sad to recognize that this still happens everyday and the „arguments“ are the same.

But it’s also a charming Berlin movie, you may recognize a few places. And it’s also one of the first movies with Andreas Schmidt, the nerdy sweetheart of the german film. Danquart made a lot of movies and documentaries, more than once about racism or german history itself.

Director: Pepe Danquart
Script: Pepe Danquart
Phozography: Ciro Cappellari
Sound: Ed Cantu
Editing: Mona Bräuer
Cast: Stefan Merki, Senta Moira, Paul Outlaw
Producer: Albert Kitzler

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