Sea Change – Above

The chilled electronic pop tracks “Bursting”, “Let’s Dance“ and “Bridges“  left us yearning for more by the young Norwegian artist Sea Change.. Now we are happy to announce her new single “Above” and the album “Breakage”, which will be released on February 23rd. The album is full with new tracks, next to the already published “Let’s Dance”. One is the single “Above” and you can listen to it HERE:

The track starts with a slow beat, followed by metallic xylophone noises and Sea Change’s sighing vocals.
About half way into the song, the music picks up speed to then lead to a pop oriented chorus. It ends rather abruptly with a more electronic feel.
In the words of Sea Change the new track ‘Above’is about wanting something and just not be able to see what’s good for you. Wanting it more and more even though some part of you know it will end bad. I think everyone has had a relationship like that. Not realising your destructive self, wishing things were different. It is a vulnerable song.”

Album “Breakage” (release 23.2.)
Wooden House
Let‘s Dance
We Run