Seafret – Give Me Something EP

One to watch for 2015! May I introduce you to Seafret and their amazing acoustic sound?! Hailing from the small town of Bridlington, Jack Sedman (vocals) and Harry Draper (guitar) chose the name Seafret for their music. As well as being a pun on the guitar fret board, it’s also a local term; it applies to the rolling mists that come in off the North Sea during summer.


Seafret’s debut EP ‘Give Me Something’ is out now: . The EP is a little masterpiece and the perfect sound for grey days.

Meeting at an open mic night, the two had distinctly different levels of experience. Though a few years younger, Harry Draper was an experienced local musician; Jack Sedman, meanwhile, had quite literally only just discovered his voice.
“We wrote our own songs straight out of nowhere,” explains Jack Sedman. “I’d never written a song before. I loved music but had never written it. We clicked instantly. That’s how we learned to write: through playing and the chemistry between us.”

Sea Fret 1 Approved low res image

The two share a debt of gratitude to their families: Harry’s father is a noted country and bluegrass musician, while Jack’s own father comes from a punk rock background. “I think that’s where it comes from, really” the singer continues. “Harry was massively influenced by his family and I was massively influenced by mine. So when we got together he brought all that to me and I brought all that to him. We shared everything.”! We at KALTBLUT are in LOVE with Seafret.