Introducing VOLCHOK, a Russian streetwear brand founded in Moscow in 2014. Over the years of its existence, the brand has grown into a project which aim is to bring together bold and talented people from various subcultures and fields of activity, giving them space for creative expression and interaction. The main sources of inspiration for the brand are art, cultural and social phenomena. Each collection carries a number of ideas, united by a common concept — thus the VOLCHOK team broadcasts its own vision of what is happening around.

The latest collection SECT was inspired by the aesthetics of cults and alternative religious associations. The mass distribution of cults, their ideas and practices are impressive.

Just like subcultures with their limited circle of followers, with their own values and methods relate to global culture — new religious associations (sects) are in opposition to the main culture-forming religion of a country or region. The emergence of non-traditional religious, as well as cultural movements, is often a reaction to the crisis of the foundations of modern civilization. Belonging to a sect, as well as belonging to a subculture, is participation in the circle of the chosen ones, enthusiasts who are confident that they know how an ideal society should be arranged, or who are ready to fully trust the leader in this matter. Followers of non-traditional movements don’t wait for the formation of the new world, but live in it, creating a society in society. In this regard, their courage can be envied.

This shooting took place during the trip to Nikola-Lenivetz, art park in the Moscow region, on the Ugra river, that the VOLCHOK team took in the beginning of July. All the people involved are the members of the brand’s community.

Art direction & style: Masha Raeva / instagram: @raevama
Photography: Arnold Veber / Instagram: @machinespirit
Models: Nastya Reshetnikova @spasitipomogiti, Vasilii Volchok-Rusakovich @vasiliivolchok, Misha Nikolaev @misha_wander, Asya Voytova @aaayaaaayaaa, Alla Filisteeva @flstv, Ula Caveleva @ulacaveleva, Masha Raeva @raevama, Masha Avriskina @astralsister, Nikita Telegin @nikita_teleginn, Roma Shar @romashar, Anastasia Besfamilnaya-Sabodash @besfamilkaa, Anna Ville @ville.ann.
All clothes are VOLCHOK / / Instagram: @volchokclothing.