Self Made by Gianfranco Villegas Fall/Winter 2021

“The realm of purity” – For Fall/Winter 2021, Self Made by Gianfranco Villegas catharsis, materialized through inspirations from the world of Tibet.
Instagram: @selfmadebygianfrancovillegas

Since last season – a resurfacing of nostalgia as a reaction to the chaos of the external environment — the Self Made man has now found his inner balance. By finding equilibrium within the distorted reality of today, he discovered an unprecedented way to portray his heterogeneous persona. His mental journey now reaches toward the most impervious lands, seeking for a peaceful shelter, like a lone meditation on the top of a mountain.

The brand’s trademark 1990s hip-hop wardrobe is now infused with a functional twist necessary to face rigid climate conditions and comforting cosiness for the uncertainty of these times.

Faux-fur coats, corduroy velvets and heavyweight jersey are transformed with bold all overprints recalling imagery of traditional Tibetan rugs. Thick velvets, featuring tiger and cheetah prints, recall the styling adopted by Tibetans who use animals furs to protect themselves from frigid temperatures. Contaminated with Self Made motifs, patchwork and graphic variants resemble the product of the handwork that the Self Made man produced during this meditative period.

A selection of heavy shirting cottons were quilted by using the signature zig-zag stitching of the padded jackets, providing elegant layering options for the cold season. Fleece application on bomber jackets, zip fleeces and tactical parkas perfectly represent the evolution of his personality through time, making him more versatile and well-equipped.

The edgy yet functional soul of the collection allows for the development of details that both the brand and Tibetan craftsmanship are known for. The Self Made stitched logo is now featuring free-falling tassels, similar to those that adorn traditional Tibetan rugs and necklaces.