SELF MADE Spring/Summer 2019

#Lookbook – The theme for the latest SELF MADE’s Spring Summer 19 collection is the mix of the 90’s Hip-hop vibe in Los Angeles and the designer’s Philippine origins. The attentive research put into the development of this new Season has influenced a complete makeover of a sports heritage brand such as “Sergio Tacchini” through his classic tracksuits repertoire finalised in the creation of a capsule collection.
These Roots can once again be found on the oversized T-shirts and on the Parka both made out of silk and pineapple fibre, a very special material used in the making of traditional Philippine ceremony clothing, the “Barong”.

SELF MADE’s distinctive edge can be found in the hand guided ‘’Cornely’’ embroidery, a common feature that belongs to every single piece of the collection presenting itself in the form of sentences or sayings that describe the designer’s private moments, thoughts, aspirations, failures and regrets.
A personal diary made of erased messages which through the use of coloured markers have been spontaneously written directly on T-shirts, jerseys and shirts.

Emotions that cannot be erased, like scars on our skin, an introspective concept that the designer will be showcasing from this year through artistic performances all around the world.

Photographer: Francesco Bonasia
Stylist: Ramona Tabita
Model: Hugo @ 16men Paris

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