Sellah: I Am Free

My friend, singer and model SELLAH needs your help! He is doing a campaign to help raise money for his first full length album. I think he will be happy about every help!


He says: “My name is Sellah and I’m an ambitious music artist that is devoted to pursuing a music career. I have spent my life traveling across the world and have returned to the U.S. to achieve my dream of sharing my passion and love for music with everyone. This campaign means so much to me as an independent artist, because despite years of perseverance and commitment, I know that opportunities like this are scarce.

1607013_866540773380873_207755717130826010_nBy contributing to this campaign, you are not only funding my album, but you are employing me to create something beautiful, passionate and wholehearted. You are funding a dream that will be shared with the world. I am fully aware of hesitation to invest your hard earned money into an industry that is filled with thousands of hopeful artists. But I am confident that I am worth every penny that you choose to give. The music industry may be a gamble, but what isn’t a gamble is my pursuance, tenacity and devotion to making every cent you invest worth its value. Everything raised will be put towards creating a superior album. I will be recording with first-rate, highly skilled producers and engineers. Funding will additionally go towards developing a stylized, interactive website. Commissioning advertising, branding and marketing campaigns, along with promotional and printing materials. Furthermore, I will be generating music videos and host a launch party for the album. Lastly, funding will go directly towards distribution. Regardless if I reach my gross funding goal, I will still carry forward with recording and releasing as many songs as possible and invariably press forward with my career…” Read more and donate here:

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