SERAC Fall/Winter 2019

The next generation Scandinavian luxury is made to last, ultimately motivated by a low footprint philosophy. SERAC who specialise in luxury men’s outerwear launched its A/W19 collection. Following the success of their classic T-Line which offered three classic style jackets including the legendary aviator style bomber with removable shearling collar, the T3. Expect to see the designs for F/W19 elevated to the next level by offering versatility and modernity. This season designer Tore Mortvedt has pushed the boundaries even further with a refinement of innovative cut, layering, and the use of sustainable and ethically sourced technical fabrics.

The unique angle with this collection is that the entire line has used Recycled THINDOWN within all of its pieces which is the new fabric to the market and we believe they are one of the first brands to use this new Recycled Thindown which is of better for the environment and sustainable.

Much like a serac, large breaking columns of ever-changing ice the brand offers freedom of movement and fluidity for the wearer to get from a to b. Tore Mortvedt who is the founder and designer behind SERAC has a background working with Helly Hansen as the head of technical design for their ski and outdoor range before he initially started SERAC back in 2016. For SERAC® you will see that the designer has used DEM™ (Designed to Enhance Mobility)  creating jackets that have been constructed in a way not that of a conventional jacket, for example, he may use one piece for the back so there are no seams on the shoulders to create that freedom to move. The entire collection for AW19 uses the latest Italian produced Recycled THINDOWN® which benefits from reducing cold spots and seepage which is often associated with traditional quilted down. SERAC® also uses nylons from Swiss Schoeller, manufactured responsibly and with awareness on our environment and in compliance with the bluesign® system.  

The brand is available worldwide by purchasing from their online site however they are stocked in high-end departments such as Breuninger, Lodenfrey in Germany, Strasburgo in Tokyo Japan and Axel in Denmark. 

SERAC® was established in 2016 by award-winning Industrial Designer Tore Mortvedt. Originally from Bergen – Norway – a place famously known for its harsh and wet climate, he was naturally drawn to outerwear being an avid skier and outdoor enthusiast. His 20 year long career in the industry, begun at the luxury children’s company Stokke, where he led several design projects to international acclaim. Along with his personal interests, these successes brought him to the position of lead designer for technical outerwear at Helly Hansen, a brand with a heritage of innovations steeped deep in sailing, ski and outdoor history.

From early ideation, SERAC® was motivated by the over-consumption we part-take in and the following lack of care for most of the products we acquire. A rapid devaluation and subsequent discarding of our belongings need to be challenged by designs composed to accumulate value with use, consequently fighting our desires for “the new” for the sake of the new, as a shop-able value in itself. We’re challenged by the idea that a certain composition of style, function, comfort and a conscious use of materials, can provide real tangible value, influencing the way we shop and take care of our belongings. Ultimately leading us towards more conscious decisions and possible looking at apparel as an investment for years to come.