SEX & Consent – The next Curated By Girls’s show at WHOLE festival

Our favorite partner in crime, Curated By Girls, is back with a new show “Sex & Consent” at WHOLE festival 2019 edition. WHOLE – United Queer Festival will take place June 14th–17th at Gremmniner See just next to Ferropolis. Tickets are still available OVER HERE. We took this occasion to have a little kiki and to seat down with CBG.
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KALTBLUT: You’re back this year at WHOLE festival. What’s the theme of the exhibition you’ll be showcasing?
CBG: Yes CBG is back this year!  I’m very excited about this upcoming exhibition titled “Sex & Consent”, that will be exploring the importance of topics such as sex positivity, freedom within gender and sexuality, and how communication can help overcome the lack of understanding around consent. The aim of our project is to encourage a more communicative sexuality where consent can become more explicit and clear.
KALTBLUT: How did you choose the theme, and why is it important to talk about it?
CBG: Funny question Nico, cause actually, you gave me the idea!  Remember? We were having dinner and discussing my upcoming participation at WHOLE.  And you mentioned the importance of “consent” especially in such setting: a sex-positive event. I thought it was indeed an important topic, that needed to be explored, in order to encourage festival lovers to experience an honest, intimate and safer side of sexuality.
KALTLBUT: How many artists will be featured? Can you give us a little hint of what will be there to see?
CBG:  We will showcase 15 artists through photography, illustrations & installations. We will host an installation by “Let’s Talk About Real Sex” a project, that features honest conversations around sex. Also, Sophie Steiner will bring her interactive Photo-Booth installation “Behind the Surface” which challenges social media censorship. She will ask people to design their plexiglass with a personal statement about sex and content in the digital world and how this affects their personal real life.
And concerning the actual exhibition, we are planning to exhibit pictures, big size, like an advertising campaign in the middle of the nature. Be sure to see some captivating works as you wander around the forest of WHOLE festival.
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KALTLBUT: This will be the second year that you’ll participate to WHOLE. What are your expectations compare to last year?
CBG:  Working with Raquel the founder is always a pleasure! I am glad she asked me to participate again. WHOLE is only getting better and I’m sure it will be great again this year. I’m expecting as always a nice atmosphere in the grandiose setting of Ferropolis, surrounded by a big queer family coming from around the world. I think it will be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to gather to celebrate freedom & diversity, together, proud.  WHOLE is a much-needed space!
KALTLBUT: This year WHOLE FESTIVAL got 27 different collectives from all over the world. Any act you’re particularly excited to see?
CBG: I’m excited to see The Black Madonna who will be performing on the beach stage!
But I’m also looking forward to the performance of House Of Living Colors, and also Maricas from Barcelona. But you know me, I’m not really a party animal, I’ll probably miss a lot of cool acts, while I’m sleeping like a baby under the stars.
KALTLBUT: You just had a big exhibition in Amsterdam, now WHOLE, what’s coming up next?
CBG: Vacation? if possible I think I would enjoy that! haha.
More seriously, I’m in the search mode to bring the 4th edition of my ongoing exhibition “New Femininity” to the next city.  After Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, which city will host it?  I am open to proposals.
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WHAT? Whole – United Queer Festival
WHERE? Gremminer See , Gräfenhainichen
WHEN? 14–17 June

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