A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography, art direction and styling by Marcin Idziński. Model is Michał Gisko. Makeup by Perwersja. Hair by Alexa Norgan. Location provided by Pawilon Nowa Gazownia, Poznań, Poland.

Everyone has their own story to tell. We live in a world full of judgement and misunderstanding, that’s why we seek escapism, an alternative way for self-expression and fulfilment of our desires and fantasies.
s’Exodus is a free ride, a jump into the night, an escape from the ordinariness where the boundaries between what is real and what is imaginary blur.
s’Exodus is freedom, a way of self-presentation which is fluid, transcendent and unique.

“I hold MA in Interactive Media and Performance Art from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. I specialise in art and fashion photography, working with leading modelling agencies and fashion brands in Poland. I use photography as a social and art medium, it’s my way of communicating with the world about the issues that concern me. Powered by people I work with, I direct projects which are taken from my personal experiences and my friends’ stories. At the moment, I am creating a social photography series Queens of Poland, an analogue insight into my queer friends lives, their social and political activities in the name of freedom.” *Marcin Idziński 

Photography, art direction and styling by Marcin Idziński / Instagram: @marcin.idzinski
Makeup by Perwersja / Instagram: @perwersja
Hair by Alexa Norgan / Instagram @alexa_norgan
Model is Michał Gisko / Instagram: @giskko

Location provided by Pawilon Nowa Gazownia, Poznań, Poland/ Instagram: @pawilon_poznan

Fashion brands used are:

Mugler @muglerofficial / Pleaser Shoes @pleasershoes / Killstar @killstar / Vex Latex @vexclothing / Acne Studios @acnestudios / Dr. Martens @drmartensofficial / Ysl (vintage) @ysl / Zara @zara / Lamarque @mylamarque / Maison Margiela @maisonmargiela / Harness handmade